About Ali Raza Bhayani:
Electronics Engineer by book, Software Architect and Technopreneur by passion, Open Source Enthusiast, Problem Hacker, Enabler, Do-Tank, Blogger, Autodidact, jogger, Yogi and an avid Reader. Involved in Building Products. Having loads of experience and technical expertise in areas ranging from Full Stack Web Application Development to Big Data Analysis, Processing and Visualization. With more than a decade of Technical experience, he is currently involved in working on Python, Django, Javascript, SQL, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, RRD (Round Robin Database), MySQL, MonetDB, LevelDB, BerkeleyDB, Redis, Apache Spark, Pandas, SciPy, NumPy etc.

Ali Raza received his Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering which involved Research focused on Machine Learning. He is currently working as a Chief Technical Officer at BitWits (Pvt) Limited, CEO & Founder at DataLysis.io and CEO & Founder at LearningByDoing.io.